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Is there a wonder code for a mission where it is a reward? I need it for before I face Palkia so I have a super effective move.

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I beat Palkia with my Rayquaza :b

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You don't really need Dragon Claw or a super effective move for Palkia. You can easily beat Palkia using STAB and Oran berries strategically(And gaining levels). But If you do want one then here:


Thanks a lot I beat him with my Charmander(It took a lot of Flamethrowers) but I still will need the TM for other things.
Flamethrower!? xD

How the heck did you beat Palkia when you were using a 4X resisted move on him? xD
I made Palkia kill himself with struggle :3
My partner treecko landed a lucky Energy ball and lowered his S. Def.
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You find it on the floor. This is how I taught my Feraligatr DC. Or, my other suggestion, (I don't know if Dialga is in this one, don't actually own EOS) Beat Dialga a second time and recruit it (Or you could use Rayquaza.) Use its Dragon Claw on Palkia.