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In Game or Post Game.

well you can only have up to 4 pokemon though
Yeh I know...
In game, you have restriction on what Pokemon you can use and sometimes you're forced to take partners.
Post game, there are dungeons that primarily have one type or the other.
Just have fun.
I think this should be the format of moveset in PMD games:

IQ: (IQ)
Ability: (Ability)
Item: (Item)

Or something like that

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First Pokemon
Take a Pokemon that can learn status moves or agility and has good defences
Second Pokemon
A Pokemon that can learn moves that can hit far away, like not the immediate tile and has a move that can attack all Pokemon at once, like Swampert ( it would be better with gap prober IQ skill)
Third Pokemon
A Pokemon specifically for healing that knows moves like wish or Heal Pulse
Fourth Pokemon
An all out attacker with offensive moves

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You didn't put: Moves, IQ, Item, Linked moves(optional), The pokemon themselves.
You just put in the roles.