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On weekends when I go to Anville Town there are traders that give me items in return for other things (i.e. 1 revive for 2 escape ropes). How many Pokédollars am I saving by making these trades?

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I say keep what is the most valuable to you.
Don't worry about losing/gaining money, since its so easy to make money again with the Amulet Coin/Luck Incense.

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1st trade

Revive for 2 Escape Ropes.

If you're going to sell the items:

Sold Revive = $750
2 sold Escape Ropes = $550
Profit: - 200

If you're going to keep both of them:

Revive value = $1500
2 Escape Ropes value = $ 1100
Profit: +400

2nd Trade

PP Up for a Star Piece

If you're going to sell them:

Sold PP Up = $4900
Sold Star Piece = $ 4900
Profit: +0

If you're going to keep them:

PP Up value = $(cannot be bought)
Star Piece Value = $ (cannot be bought)
Profit: Depend on you which is more valuable

3rd Trade

Full Restore for 20 Pokéballs

If you're going to sell them:

Full Restore = $1500
20 Pokéballs = $2000
Profit: -500

If you're going to keep them:

Full Restore value = $3000
20 Pokéballs value = $4000
Profit: -1000

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Star pieces can be bought in black city FYI.
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since the items traded are

1 revive for 2 escape ropes

1 PP up for a star piece

and 1 full restore for 20 poke balls

so revive is $1000 for 2 escape ropes which is $500= a profit of $500

a PP up is $9800 for a star peice which is $48000= a lose of $38200
(but since most star pieces are found it is a profit of $9800)

and last but not least is a full restore which is $3000 for 20 poke balls which are $4400= a lose of $1400