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i see it on the map, but the train in gear station is closed.

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Go to the battle subway located in Nimbasa City,
There is a train with a tanish color, That is the train to take you to Anville Town.

After arriving in Anville Town there is a house located East of the entrance and
towards the bottom. That is the Lost & Found House,

A Depot Agent handing out lost-and-found items lives in the south-eastern house, initially giving the player a Rare Candy. When visited, he will give a vitamin, Max Revive, or Max Elixir for each set of seven consecutive battles won at the Battle Subway since last visit, capping at ten.
- Bulbapedia

He will give Items throughout your Journey, If you stop by there.

There is still more to do.
>Every Saturday and Sunday, except on days when the Worker talks about the Hyperspeed Train, traders are present in town, who ask to trade their items for items in the player's bag.
- Bulbapedia

As Bulbapedia Said,
There is people who will wan't to trade items.

That Is About All You Can Do,
Anville Town only has two main things.

There is a Ultra Ball In light grass at the north of the town
(Hidden, So use Dowsing Machine.)

And: There is a rare candy you can get, From a man in the house at
the southeast of the town.

Hope I Helped! :D

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It shouldn't be closed but
You can go there by taking the train with the brown sign in anvile town a man who works at the gear station gives you a rare candy (he lives in one of the houses)
After every 7 consecutive wins at the battle subway he will give you a item like a max revive
You can find a revive on the floor and a pp up and full restore as a gift
People come and trade stuff on weekends
There is no poke centre and you can't fly there
http://www.pokecharms.com/games/Anville_Town this tells you which items ect are there in more detailed

yeah its closed for me. there's the sign that says train to anville town, but the gate is just a wall.
Have you beeten the leuge yet that may be why
yeah i've beaten the pokemon league like 4 times already.
Are you sure your taking the right train -you may be visiting a wifi train or something
i think so. i'm pretty sure its closed.
Get your ds and take the train with the brown sign or try all platforms :p it's bound to be one
i'll give it a whirl
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Go to the Battle subway in Nimbasa City and take the train with the brown sign then go in it and the guy will ask you if you wan't to go to Anville Town. Say yes and you'll get on the train but sadly there's not much to do there. I'm talking from personal experience... Thought it would be so much fun but it wasn't so much fun... But, you can trade items with some people on the bridge.