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Is there an easier way to get zekrom. I know where to find him but it has taken me more than four days of non stop searching. if there is an easier faster method to find him let me know.

Well from what iv'e been reading it says you can find him in any cave.So are you saying is there another way to find him besides the cave?
No. what i mean is are there easier ways to get the shiny launch pad for him
oh ok I understand now:)

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Yes, they're extremely rare
Legendary launch pads look exactly like the normal ones, except you see the "sparkle" effect that is on the normal Pokémon that have a 100% befriend rate that you come across every now and then.

Another way to tell if you got a Legend is that the Legendary arena is the glass one in the sky that you fight Zekrom on in the beginning.

Legendaries always befriend you, as long as you defeat them. So take it easy and use a fast Poké with high defense, speed, and a good ranged move, don't forget one that restores HP.

Also, try to dodge all of the attacks that happen.
I got This from Serebii Right Here I had to long on to my account dont know if The Link Provides to People Who Arnt REGISTERED This Is All I found from 2 day search and If this isn't what you were looking for I'm assuming There isn't another way to get Shiny Launch Pad's For Zekrom
I love Weird things ¯(°_o)/¯

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would Girantina with shadow force be helpful
Nope I dont think so Sorry:(
thanks this really helped i got him by using dialga's roar of time