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I am person that is crazy about Pokemon. I train, trade, and battle. I also do everything else inbetween. Is Pokemon Rumble Blast a game that someone like me should get? Is it a hardcore game that requires patience and lots of time to complete(gotta love those)? (Just a side question, in PRB do you see the Pokemon's attack, or does the opponemt just take damage? And you get to play as the Pokemon and run around and stuff right? And do you actually level up or just learn new moves?) Thanks guys.


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Okay here goes ill answer your question in order:

  1. If you can get it I would recommend it its a really fun game.
  2. Yes you see them attack as seen here
  3. You go around collecting Pokemon toys and once you collect them you can change witch one you are playing with.
  4. Instead of leveling up you collect more Pokemon toys. Each toy has a different power level. And when I mean each I mean every individual toy. Also I think you can gain power on the toy but dont hold me to that. Watch the whole walkthrough provided in the link above and all your questions will be answered.
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Great. I think I might buy it.
It's a great game.
Tottaly. But beating the championship took me 4 weeks. Repeat: 4 weeks.