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Like Reshiram: Dragon/Fire, Zekrom: Dragon/Electric

No, a a type combination that only one Pokemon has.
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The Magnazone Family: Steel-Electric
The Gengar Family: Poison-Ghost
The Jynx Family: Ice-Psychic
Heracross: Bug-Fighting
The Weavile Family: Dark-Ice
Skarmory: Steel-Flying
Tyranitar: Dark-rock
The Ludicolo Family: Grass-Water
Surskit: Water-Bug
Empoleon: Steel-Water
Bibarel: Normal-Water
The Driftblim family: Ghost-Flying
The Toxicroak family: Fighting Poison
The Abomasnow family: Grass-Ice
The Mamoswine Family: Ice-Ground
Frosslass: Ice-Ghost
Rotom(H-F-M) Electric-Grass/Ice/Fire
Heatran: Fire-Steel
Giratina: Ghost-Dragon
The Krookidile Family: Dark-Ground
The Scraggy Family: Dark-Fighting
The Jellicent Family: Ghost-Water
The Ferrothorn Family: Grass-Steel
The Chandelure Family: Ghost-Fire
Stunfisk: Electric-Ground
The Golurk Family: Ghost-Ground
The Bisharp Family: Dark-Steel
The Hydregion Family: Dark-Dragon
The Volcarona Family: Bug-Fire
Terrakion: Rock-Fighting
Tornadus: Flying
Reshiram: Fire-Dragon
Zekrom: Electric-Dragon
Melloetta(Pirouette): Normal-Fighting

you forgot houndoom!! my fav pokemon!