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So I know that this question may be a bit confusing, but let me explain.

Let's take the Aegislash line for example. Their ghost- and steel-type are unique, meaning that no other Pokemon have that dual typing (I think).

So are there any other Pokemon with typings that are like this? If so, can you name them? Also, please tell me how many in the beginning of the answer!

Another example to be clearer:
Is this what you're saying?
Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark type. No other Pokemons have this type combination.
yes, that is what I'm asking

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This list will not be affected by the order of types. For instance, Sableye's typing of Dark/Ghost does not count as unique, as it shares it with Spiritomb, a Ghost/Dark type.

There are 50 Pokemon/Pokemon evolution lines that have a unique type combination.

Alolan Raichu: Electric/Psychic
Alolan Sandshrew line: Ice/Steel
Alolan Ninetales: Ice/Fairy
Zubat line: Poison/Flying
Alolan Geodude line: Rock/Electric
Galarian Slowbro/Galarian Slowking: Poison/Psychic
Gastly line: Ghost/Poison
Galarian Weezing: Poison/Fairy
Togetic/Togekiss: Fairy/Flying
Sneasel line: Dark/Ice
Swinub line: Ice/Ground
Tyranitar: Rock/Dark
Lotad line: Water/Grass
Shedinja: Bug/Ghost
Baltoy line: Ground/Psychic
Lileep line: Rock/Grass
Torterra: Grass/Ground
Empoleon: Water/Steel
Bibarel: Normal/Water
Croagunk line: Poison/Fighting
Snover line: Grass/Ice
Froslass: Ice/Ghost
Heat Rotom: Electric/Fire
Mow Rotom: Electric/Grass
Heatran: Fire/Steel
Sandile line: Ground/Dark
Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan: Ice/Fire
Frillish line: Water/Ghost
Stunfisk: Ground/Electric
Pawniard line: Dark/Steel
Terrakion: Rock/Fighting
Kyurem: Dragon/Ice
Diggersby: Normal/Ground
Litleo line: Fire/Normal
Helioptile line: Electric/Normal
Aegislash: Steel/Ghost
Tyrunt line: Rock/Dragon
Amaura line: Rock/Ice
Volcanion: Fire/Water
Cutiefly line: Bug/Fairy
Crabominable: Fighting/Ice
Salandit line: Poison/Fire
Mimikyu: Ghost/Fairy
Nihilego: Rock/Poison
Marshadow: Fighting/Ghost
Dottler/Orbeetle: Bug/Psychic
Toxel line: Electric/Poison
Impidimp line: Dark/Fairy
Snom line: Ice/Bug
Morpeko: Electric/Dark


Hope I helped!

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https://pokemondb.net/type/dual shows the number of Pokemon with each distinct type combination. It doesn't factor in the specific order of the types, so for example Volcanion is listed under both Water/Fire and Fire/Water (order is functionally irrelevant unless the Pokemon manages to use Revelation Dance). By counting the number of rows that have a "1" by them, we get 46, but again each of these types really flip-flops between two orders so you have to cut the number in half to get 23 Pokemon with unique type combinations.

This doesn't factor in cases like Aegislash where an entire evolution line shares the type combo but otherwise nothing else gets it; you can look through the chart yourself to see which cases that's true for. Click on the number and it will show you all the Pokemon that qualify for that type combination.

Your source doesn't answer the question, and please be more specific because I do not understand what you are saying. The question asked for a number of pokemon that have unique dual-typings and what they are. I do not know what your answer is
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The answer is telling you to click the link and look at the column that says "PKMN" at the top. For example, that column says "2" next to "NORMAL FIRE", which means there are 2 Pokemon that are normal fire type.
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