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Like castform:
Sunny- Fire
Rainy- Water
Snowy- Ice


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Forme is changed with the weather.
-Normal forme is normal
-Sunny forme is fire
-Rainy forme is water
-Snowy forme is ice

You cant change its forme, it is dependant on what forme it was in before it evolved (as a burmy, which is affected by where it last battled).
-Trash cloak forme is bug-steel
-Sandy cloak forme is bug-ground
-Plant cloak forme is bug-grass

Forme is changed by possessing appliances.
-Normal forme is electric-ghost
-Heat forme is electric-fire
-Wash forme is electric-water
-Frost forme is electric-ice
-Fan forme is electric-flying
-Mow forme is electric-grass

Forme is changed by using the Gracidea Flower while it's daytime.
-Land forme is grass
-Sky forme is grass-flying

Any type you want it to be if you have the correct plate, and no plate for normal type.
-Using no plate makes normal
-Using meadow plate makes grass
-Using flame plate makes fire
-Using splash plate makes water
-Using sky plate makes flying
-Using insect plate makes bug
-Using toxic plate makes poison
-Using zap plate makes electric
-Using mind plate makes psychic
-Using stone plate makes rock
-Using earth plate makes ground
-Using dread plate makes dark
-Using spooky plate makes ghost
-Using iron plate makes steel
-Using fist plate makes fighting
-Using icicle plate makes ice
-Using draco plate makes dragon
-Using pixie plate makes fairy

Changes forme when a darmanitan with the ability Zen Mode has less than half the max HP.
-Normal forme is fire type
-Zen forme is fire-psychic

Changes forme by using the move Relic Song.
-Aria forme is normal-psychic
-Pirouette forme is normal-fighting

Changes forme with the prison bottle, though this has not been officially revealed and cannot be obtained.
-Confined forme is psychic-ghost
-Unbound forme is psychic-dark


Mega Charizard X: Fire/Dragon
Mega Pinsir: Bug/flying
Mega Gyarados: Water/dark
Mega Mewtwo X: Psychic/Fighting
Mega Ampharos: Electric/Dragon
Mega Aggron: Steel
Mega Sceptile: Grass/Dragon
Mega Altaria: Dragon/Fairy
Mega Lopunny: Normal/Fighting
Mega Audino: Normal/Fairy

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-arceus via plates, every type
- melloetta via relic song, normal psychic to normal fighting
-darmantian via zen mode, over half pure fire, under half fire psychic
-hoopa via the prison bottle,ghost psychic to dark psychic
-shaymin via the gracieda(or being frozen), grass to grass flying
-rotom via multiple locations throughout the games, electric ghost and electric paired with: grass,water,fire,ice, and flying
-Wormadam via what form it is as a burmy when it evolves, trash bug steel, plant bug grass,sand ground bug
-castform via the current weather, water under rain, ice under hail, fire under sun, and no change under sandstorm, a shadowy aura, fog, strong winds, or normal weather, entering these or switching or being hit by gastro acid also revert it to its normal form.

That's it unless I missed any on the bulbapedia page, hope I helped!