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Like Ground-Fire,Water-Grass,Steel-Ground,etc.

I would like to know an estimate of all possible types in figures(numbers),even ones that do not currently exist(eg. Fire-Water), and if there are any Pokemon in that particular typing(as in Dark-Flying = Honchkrow/Murkrow).

All 17 types should be counted,and Ghost-Dark and Dark-Ghost ARE THE SAME(but if you choose to write both,well and good;It may be more time-consuming,but easier)

Thank You all those who contributed! Your work is deeply appreciated!

P.S. I am almost sure that this wasn't asked before,but if it was please leave a comment.


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It's a combination. Order does not matter, and each item can only be used once.

n=17 (total types)
r=2 (number possible)



T=(17 16)/(21)


T=136 Totals types.

This number only gives for dual-typed pokemon, so you would add in 17 for every pure type pokemon, making a grand total of 153 possible types.

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dragon, all add up to that? WOW!