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What are the most suitable/beneficial dual types?

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From an offensive perspective, Ice/Ground is very good in that it allows one to hit 9 of 18 types supereffectively and is resisted only by a handful of Pokemon due to their abilities. Similarly Dark/Fighting cover each other very well offensively, and defensively it only had two weaknesses. However, fairy types completely demolish dark and fighting now. Water/Ground and Bug/Steel are notable for their sole weaknesses and useful resistances. Last but not least, Dragon/Fire is notable in that it not only grants the dragon type a neutrality to fairy, but also is only resisted currently by flash fire Heatran and the rest conned marill line, though this is likely to change as more is known about x and y.

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Depends if it's Reshiram; if it is, Flash Fire is overridden by Turboblaze, which is even more awsome. :O
Indeed :D

And lol rest conned.
How about Psychic/Fighting?
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Currently, Ghost/ Dark because of the immunities and no weaknesses, though that will probably change come Gen VI.

Personally though, I think Grass/ Water is very beneficial, as it gets rid of 4 weaknesses and leaves the Pokemon with only 3, one of which (Poison) is uncommon in competitive play. Again, will probably change come Gen VI.

Electric/ Bug is pretty good too, considering it has 2 weaknesses and 4 resistances.

Grass/water is the best type ever :D
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I think that a ground/flying type would be suitable because it can't be hurt my electric types, grass type attacks gives neutral damage and you pretty much have a big advantage over most types.

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I think that the Electric/Steel dual typing is one of the best, not because of number of weaknesses but number of resistances, resisting 12 types.

Also, the classic Water/Grass dual type is helpful, nullifying itself. :3

Actually, anything with Steel in it is really helpful as well, due to the number of resistances it would have. xD

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