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(Non ledgendary nor smeargle) best for type coverage, yes I know flying electric fighting and ground is the best moveset but what Pokemon that is in Pokemon emerald non ledge non smeargle can learn a moveset with these types of moves,it doesnt have to be this moveset just a moveset without not very or not effectives, also tms and hms I will accept, just not egg or move tutor moves, the moves you'll list may only be learnt by previous evolutions leveling up, tm's or hm's, thats the question, if anything is not clear I will answer any questions if needed.

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Slaking is the Pokemon that you're looking for.
Its basic form, Slakoth is found in Petalburg Forest.

It's coverage includes:

- Thunderbolt (TM),
- Thunder (TM)

- Earthquake (TM)

- Aerial Ace (TM)

- Rock Smash (HM)
- Focus Punch (TM)
- Reversal (Pre Evolution)

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