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I just want to know typings that would make a Pokemon without weaknesses. I am also ok with types and abilities that would make a Pokemon invincible. The abilities don't have to match with the Pokemon, they just have be able to make it have no weaknesses.
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Eelektross has no weaknesses. He is Electric + Levitate (one of the matches Mr. K mentioned).

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Dark/Ghost is the only one with no weakness that is an existing type.

Bug/Steel + Flash Fire
Electric + Levitate
Poison/Dark + Levitate
Water/Ground + Sap Sipper
Fire/ground + Water Absorb + Air Balloon

That would be all that have 0 weaknesses or could have 0 weaknesses.

That's all I can find or figure out.

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water/ground + sap sipper*
Thanks lol, just noticed that xD
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ok thanks mr.K. I will upvote this for now. If you don't find more I will chose this as the BA. If others answer too, I would have to consider the 2 answers. Thanks though :)
Steel psychic with air balloon and flash fire
Ghost steel with air balloon and flash fire

Do type resist berries count?
Berries don't count; they don't actually make the Pokemon immune, they just lessen the damage.