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>I was going through my pearl game looking for a togepi because I wan't a Togekiss.I found out that I can get a togepi in the Trophy Garden so after I found one I noticed the maids.How can I get passed them?

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You cant get past them. To get a togepi you must have the nat dex and talk to mr.Backlot to see if togepi is in his garden

Thanks I can get a (Togepi) Just Wanted To Get Past Maids:)
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You can only get past the left on in Platinum. Well, not really, but it's a battle challenge where you have to take them out in a certain number of turns. Endure always screws you ;D

Seriously endure does mess it up! Wait, when it says to lets say finish in 7 turns, do you need to do seven turns or can you do less?
Can do less, as long as inside the turn limit.
Actually I think it's exact.
It is, I tested.