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I've finished a lot of the things in the fight, survival and resort area but when I go to the Pokemon league it is still how it was before. Is there anything that I need to do , anything I need to have, anything to accomplish for me to gain access to the rematch vs Cynthia? I've been testing my skills at the battle tower , I think I'm ready. All my Pokemon are high leveled enough to face Lv. 70's . I see in youtube others battling the rematch with Cynthia. The background is black instead of white and the elite four have decorated rooms , Aaron's is forested, Bertha's has lots of rocks,flint's looks (as expected ) fiery, and Lucian's looks hi-tech and modern. I wonder why it's not happening to my game?

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The backgrounds the youtubers have are from Pokemon platinum, not pearl. You can rematch the elite 4 over and over again in pearl, but their levels don't change.

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