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I've tried to beat Cynthia about ten times now. Other than leveling them up more and making them evolve (because I really don't want them to), what's an easy way to beat Cynthia? My team is as follows:

Absol- level 54- super luck ability- bite, night slash, false swipe, razor wind

Luxio- level 54- intimidate ability- spark, charge, discharge, strength

Samurott- level 55- torrent ability- dive, razor shell, surf, waterfall

Unfezant- level 56- super luck ability- fly, razor wind, air slash, quick attack

Flareon- level 59- flash fire ability- fire fang, hidden power, secret power, shadow ball

Herdier- level 59- intimidate ability- crunch, rock smash, strength, giga impact

@trachy i beat a garchomp in one move with my Emolga's acrobatics (lvl84). garchomp isnt as hard to beat as spiritomb. all it does is avoid my attacks
Thanks for all the tips. I only got got to face Garchomp and it did knock me silly like trachy said it would. I just tried it again this morning and this time we got killed by Lucario.
Plus I leveled them up some because Flareon got the Pokerus this morning and now their levels are 58, 59, 59, 59, 61, and 62 with Flareon, Absol, and Luxio affected by the Pokerus (because the other three already had it a long time ago). The moves are the same exept for when Absol goes to level 60 (which she's about to) I was going to switch bite with phsyco cut or is that a bad idea considering the whole same-type-equals-more-damage thing? Okay, now I'm completely confused.
Got some good news. I haven't been able to check things here so I'm saying it now. I beat Cynthia about a week and a half ago so thanks for the help. I don't really remember what the levels were then but now they are all level 70 except for Flareon at level 71. The moves are the same except that Absol knows Phyco Cut instead of Bite and Unfezant knows Sky Attack instead of Razor Wind. I believe that their levels were in the mid-60's when I went against Cynthia, and Unfezant still had Razor Wind. If you're wondering I  beat Garchomp with Herdier, Luxio, and a WHOLE LOT of Full Restores and Revives.

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You won't be able to win unless you level up more. Garchomp is going to sweep you silly. That Garchomp is the most powerful Pokemon you'll ever face ingame. The only thing that stops this perfect EV and IV Pokemon is that Dragon Rush doesn't have perfect accuracy. If it had Dragon Claw, it would be hell to take down. And also, she has other powerful Pokemon as well. Milotic is also extremely powerful. Even if Samurott was to get Ice Beam, it would still be hard to get in Ice Beam before Garchomp KOs. I myself only won because Dragon Rush missed twice in a row, so Haxorus was able to KO. Your best bet besides training is to capture and use Kyurem. Hopefully, Kyurem should give you a chance, just a chance mind you. Volcarona can also help you out.

I just caught Kyurem last night and I ended up killing Volcanora so he's out.
Also I've leveled the team up a little bit so... yeah.