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I went into her house,(I already battled her) but she wasn't there! So will she reappear if you beat the Elite 4 again?

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Has to be Spring or Summer. No you don't have to rematch them.

I love being here in spring and summer. I can't stay all year, because
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Oh thanks, in my game it's Autumn.
She does not battle in the summer however.
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She isnt there during the winter and Fall you'll have to wait until summer and spring

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Yes ;)

>Cynthia appears in a house in Undella Town, where she can be battled. She leaves after being defeated and afterwards reappears during spring and summer. During the springtime, she can be rebattled once a day. After defeating her, Shauntal and Caitlin can be seen visiting this house in the spring, and Lenora, Elesa, Iris, and Skyla visit in the summer. She speaks about a young Trainer who defeated her, and mentions that that Trainer defeated Giratina, referring to the events of Pokémon Platinum.

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You did not say what the game was at all, although that may be implied(I dont know), but Cynthia can be battled any time after the elite4 in d/p/pt where she is the champion. She will not be at her house, she will be at the Pokémon League.

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in pokemon White