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My game isn't hacked and it's Spring season...When I enter the house, no one is there!
This is a glitch or do I have to do something?

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i think the season is summer :P
serebii says Spring/Summer Only :c

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>Like in Black & White, Cynthia can be found in Undella Town during the Spring and the Summer. She will challenge you and will be able to be rebattled on a daily basis.

Sorry, you're gonna have to wait for Winter to pass over. Then you'll be able to battle Cynthia once a day for 2 months.

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Ok thanks.
Cynthia should be coming regardless of whether or not your DS time is right.
If she's not there, try setting it to September, see if that works.
(EDIT: Sorry about my previous comment, Cynthia wouldn't come if you set it to August, because that's winter.)
Did you beat your game?
Yes, I'm with 170 medals, completed the Champions PWT and I battle Cynthia there (in the pwt).. Maybe its because im changing months and time settings on my DS.
If you're still not having luck, try setting it to August 31 @ 11:55 PM.
Maybe that transition from Winter to Spring will help.