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i have to beat red so tell me where the rare-candy are


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Ecriteak city!
Olvine city!
Vimilion city-
Radio tower 25 points
Mt motar!
Mt motar
Whirl islands!
Whirl islands!
Tin tower
Mt silver!
Shinning lighthouse
Cinibar island!
Indigo platEau!
Cerulean cave!
Victory road
!=dowsing machine
-= gift

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he said SOULsilver not silver http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/36736/why-was-tin-tower-changed-to-bell-tower-just-curious it was changed to bell tower
This is soul silver.
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Johto: Route 34, Violet City, Ecruteak City (With Dowsing MCHN), Olivine City (With Dowsing MCHN), Radio Tower (Earn 25 Points at Buena's Password), Mt. Mortar (With Dowsing MCHN), Mt. Mortar, Tin Tower, Whirl Islands (With Dowsing MCHN), Whirl Islands (With Dowsing MCHN), Mt. Silver (With Dowsing MCHN), Shining Lighthouse

Kanto: Route 27, Route 28 (With Dowsing MCHN), Vermillion City (Fan Club President), Cinnabar Island (With Dowsing MCHN), Indigo Plateau (With Dowsing MCHN), Cerulean Cave (With Dowsing MCHN), Victory Road
I love Weird things ¯(°_o)/¯

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That's where I got mine from I just thought I would order them :)
lol we always go to the same place:)