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Apart from the Battle Maison, what are all the rare candy locations in ORAS?

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>Route 108, Route 111, Route 114, Route 117, Route 117, Route 119, Route 120, Route 120, Route 123, Route 127, Route 132, Route 132, Petalburg City, Granite Cave, Safari Zone, Shoal Cave, Mt. Pyre, Mirage Island, Mirage Cave, Mirage Mountain
From Secret Pal in Secret Base

You can also buy them from Mauville for 500 PokeMiles and at the Battle Resort for 48BP.

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most of what !'•-Indigo-•'!    posted are used to be found in DWSN machine
I think it says whether it's found with the Dowsing Machine or not on Serebii.
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