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A question regarding Deoxys form change

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I do not have one, but I have always wondered, can you change its form several times like Rotom? Also if you teach it a move in one form that it can not learn in another then do you keep the move upon form changing? Example: Deoxys(A) learns Zap-cannon, if I change it to Deoxys(S) will it keep Zap cannon.

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2 Answers

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Q1: Yes, you can change formes as much as you want.

Q2: For your info, on PO Deoxys-A can learn Iron defense, Deoxys-D can learn Zap cannon. So, yes, you can keep the moveset between forme change.

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Yes you can change the form many times and for the second question I'm gonna say no seen as it learns no moves when it changes form
-think about certain prevolution moves they can be learned by 1pokemon but when fully evolved and you haven't forgot it you have a move you can't learn ;)

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