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Sometimes your in a dungeon sometimes you come across Kecleon shops which sell rare goods like the Electirizer at the cost of 6000 and you don't normally have that much so what is the best way to steel because attacks on kekleon only do like 20hp at most.

I know a few ways:
- make sure you carry pure seed to teleport
- moves like agility to boost speed for quick get away and quick seeds
- vanish seed makes you invisible

Is there any easy ways to take then out?

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Here is a video showing a way to steal from Kecleon.
This question is easily found on Google, not hard to find.


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That link does not show a video for me
Did for me basically this guy kept walking into kekleon forcing it to move unroll kekleon was miles away then nicked the items and use pure seed and a orb that made his team come with him
Fixed it.
Works Now :)
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Trawl Orb next to the stairs, pick up the items before they come at you, they are at +4 Speed. And I believe they are level 70 when you fight. I am most commonly defeated by an Ancient Power.