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i fight him with a lvl 87 dialga and he doesnt go down is it possible to be taken down? if so is it possible to be recruited?


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It is very very hard to defeat a Kecleon.To defeat it have a Pokemon that is level 90 and more.To recruit him hold a Friend Bow to increase your chances.It is still hard to recruit him even with Friend Bow.Here

Source : I have beat him myself and recruited him too

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thanks and even i attack him with a riolu lvl 100 that was the pkmn i started and dialga and a pkmn lvl 50 and no even it doesnt go down i think if i would to determine his lvl would be a lvl 245
, i beat him with a level 100 charizard
I found it easy to defeat a Kecleon if you have a pokemon that knows at least two move that can make Kecleon vulnerable. Some examples are rock smash and aerial ace, a kinda poor example, or faint attack and shadow ball. A strong dragon type move works best out of every combo, that I have tried.