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I always thought that metagross was a great and strong pokemon but i realized he only has 9 resistances(including the poison immunity), the smallest amount of resistances than any other steels..
So..I wanted to know if there are any non steel type with 9 or more resistances. Oh and you can count abilities as well like levitate,flashfire,water absorb,volt aborb etc.

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Very similar to this:

Do the answers on this question answer yours?
No I wanted to know a specific non steel pokemon that has the most resistances

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Yeah, you could count Shedinja.
But not counting him...
With Steel: Magnezone
Without: Tentacruel (and tentacool) have 7, Poliwrath (and Keldeo) do too.

But... Chandelure with Flash Fire or not, has 8!

For more info, see

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Hurr just found out scizor has 9
magnezone has ___?
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It would be a dragon type Or rock type
I would go for a water rock type like corsola
Water/rock types are resistant to
Neutral damage from 7types

Maybe a poison bug resists
Neutral damage from 8 types

Or even a dragon type
Resists ...
Neutral damage from 11 types

Chart here

Of course there's magnezone which you didn't want Steel types but 12resistances and 1 immunity 2with magnet rise or air balloon

Finally you could kind of count shedinja
12immunitys 2resisyances that's considering it has wonder guard

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Well we all know about shedinjas wonder guard but I wouldnt pick him, hes too risky
The most I could think about is tentacruels resistantance to 7 types which is fire,ice,water,steel,poison,bug,and fighting. Can you think of any other pokemon with more resistances than that?
Tentacool :)