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I know this question is much like this question but it may have changed with fairy types being introduced. Also, just for clarification I'm not counting type adding moves such as trick or treat or things like skill swap levitate. Also, it has to be an actual typing on a Pokemon (so something like ground fairy would not work) Finally, immunities count, from typing and abilities, but not shedninja.

Honorable mention is Steel/Fairy with nine resistances and immunities to both Poison and Dragon.

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The Steel/Electric types (Magnemite line and Togedamaru) and the Ghost/Steel types (Honedge line) hold the record for most resistance and immunities with 12. Steel/Fairy (Mawile,Klefki, Magearna) and Water/Steel (Empoleon) and Dark/Steel (Bisharp Line) are a close second with 11.


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Magearna is Fairy/Steel as well
Yea, gen 7 is not my strong point. Thank you for pointing that out.
I seeeeeeeeeeeeeee so dialga ha would have 11?
I dont see where they got 13 from, Steel/Dragon only has 10 resistances currently.
Oh ok lol