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I have 33 pokemon for this and havent recieved even 1 pokemon from spotpass in 2 weeks. i have another sd card with evry pokemon exept 3 of the 4 formes of deerling same with sawsbuck, i also am missing simisage, male frillish and jellicent and female unfezent. (these are the pokemon i am trying to get with the other sd card). so how can i fix this problem?

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Are you sure you have the right connection settings on your 3DS? First, make sure the wireless is on. Then try testing your connection. If it is not successful, then you'll have to put in the correct settings. Mine did the same thing, but all i had to do was test my connection and then it worked fine.

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At the time the connection was max and my wireless was on and i waited 2 hours at the same time each day.
If you open and close the 3ds, it will usually work, thats also what i do.