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Eevee evolves into Umbreon by happiness at night. To evolve make Eevee happy give it EV increasing medicine, Poffins(In Sinnoh games), massages, and the soothe-bell. Do lots of battles but do not let it faint. Then level up between 8 pm and 6 am but be careful not to level up during the day or else it will evolve into Espeon.

also DO NOT GIVE IT STONES like the water or thunderstone or it will evolve into jolteon,vaporeon,or leafeon if your in black and white pinwheel forest  and it will evolve into glaceon if you go to the chargestone cave so dont go there if ur playing black and white.
actually i want either of the two... but i've reached level 40 plus by just doing the usual stuff. and yet no umbreon nor espeon evolution from eevee. even so, i didnt give them such stones for i know what would happen if it were exposed. hmm thanks for the information though.
and where can i get poffins?

or maybe EEVEE couldnt evolve because i just play my HG every sunday night... im on night shift.
Hey theeeeeeeeeeepicmeeeeeeeeeeeee eevee evolves into glaceon in twist mountain
And don't forget Leafeon! Eevee evolves to Leafeon if you level it up near the moss rock in Pinwheel Forest.
In HG/SS walk with it, that will make your Eevee happier