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I have all the Pokemon in my mono ghost team ready except I have room left for one. What Pokemon would be a better choice?


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Well really, it depends on your team.


The most notable thing about Spiritomb is its typing. Ghost/Dark. It gives it no weakness and useful normal, psychic and fighting immunities. It has great defensive stats that allows it to easily support. It lacks a good movepool but is still usable. It sadly has no realiable form of recover other than pain split and rest. It does good support moves like Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, and Hypnosis.It can even go offensive with calm mind to boost that shabby 92 base Sp.Atk.


Mismagius has great offensive stats. 105 base speed allows it to out speed all the 100 base speed pokemons like Victini, Zapdos, Mew, Celebi ,ect. A 105 base Sp.Atk paired with Nasty Plot and Calm Mind makes a devastating combo. It also can support with that 105 speed with Taunt and Will-O-Wisp. It also has levitate to switch into those high powered EQs. It has frail defenses so it can be easily revenge killed with a scarf user or priority (if weakened).

So basically, Mismagius for Sweeper and Spiritomb for support.

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Pros: Will-o-wisp + Hex. Can cover Ghost. Very nice for BL. Priorities and Trick Room. 2 weaknesses

HP 60
DEFENSE 60 ­ ­ (In between)
SP. ATK 105
SP. DEF 105

Cons: Cant cover its dark weakness. No DW abilities. Not a very good movepool.

Spiritomb: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/6191/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-spiritomb

Pros: No weaknesses. Hypnosis + Dream Eater combo, to top it off, Calm Mind. Lots of STAB.

Cons: Not a great movepool. No really nice good abilities.
HP 50
SP. ATK 92
SP. DEF 108

Sooo, Yeah :D You can decide.

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I would definitely go with mismagius. Spiritomb fails at walling or being bulky for a number of reasons. The most appealing thing about him is having no weaknesses and his good defenses on the both sides. But his hp is seriously.. killing his walling capabilities.. Which means you have to invest all the EVs in hp but then you can only train one of his defenses or both of them if you want both of them to be having only decent defenses. Again, it has no weaknesses but the lack of resistances and not being able to train both his defenses just makes him a bad wall. His sucky speed also is a big problem and doesnt have levitate making him get hit by earthquake, one of the most common attacks a sweeper carries. He does have good offenses too but he wont be doing too much damage if you train him as a wall. And if you train him as a sweeper,hes going to be frail on his defenses with that hp.
But mismagius can sweep,while having good, sp attack, speed and good sp def but you wont need to be worrying too much about making him a sp tank if you make it a sweeper. It also can use nasty plot and has levitate which is an amazing ability. Mismagius anyday now