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I have a Mismagius for 6v6 battles online. If this is in the wrong place I'll repost, but could you suggest improvements for the item/movesets/nature/Evs. Also let me know if Mismagius is good for competitive battles online or in tournaments. Thanks!

Mismagius @Quick Claw
Ability: Levitate
Evs: 252SpA 252Spe 4SpDef
Nature: Modest
Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam
Mystical Fire
Power Gem

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https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/60024 Pretty sure that this question is against the rules.
Sorry - can you explain why so I can sort this please? I was just asking if a) Mismagius is viable for competitive battles and b) Whether this is a good Mismagius moveset in terms of coverage of commonly used Pokemon in Mismagius' tier. Thanks!
I've changed the title so I think this is allowed now, but if it isn't, let me know.
Oh, didn't see HT. I think it's fine now (maybe?).
OK, I edited the title to fit my perception of what this rule is trying to do.
The reason we don’t allow ‘any improvements for this moveset’ is a) it’s basically an open-ended question and b) it is openly inviting people to turn your thread into a second moveset thread. The new title though, should give you the answer you want and circumvent both of the above.

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(More of Advice) Only foreseeable problems:

Quick claw? Why not Choice Scarf? Quick claw is meant for Foretress to get a surprise first hit, especialy since it has a ~23% (60/256) of activating. Choice Scarf with a 105 speed stat is good for a special revenge killer. You'll out-speed nearly everything. (you could use Choice Specs or Life Orb, but you won't be as fast and will not out-speed everything. But hey, you'd do a ton of damage. But I'd prefer Choice Scarf. If it doesn't work, you could always change it)

Priority/Special Walls
Watch out for priority. It'll hurt you. (especially Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch. And Pursuit.)
Special walls would be hard for Mismagmus deal with, especially without stat boosts/recovery.
Don't use this Pokemon last unless you absolutely need to. Choice Lock can end you if your last and not careful. (Even if you choose Life Orb you'll still have similar problems)

You could use Modest/Timid; I prefer Modest for extra damage, but if you need speed, go Timid.

Hope I Helped!

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So it is allowed? This was just flagged, but I will definitely use Choice Scarf now you bring it up. Thanks!
I'm not sure if it is, but your moveset is fine. :P
It works then? Very good because it's already on Poke Pelago for Ev Training!
You'd be surprised what can work in Battle Spot. I once swept a team with gluttony Shuckle with infestation, bind, rest,and toxic (he had binding band). He also did a lot more than expected in OR battle mansion. Good Times.
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I don't see any good reasons to use any Mismagius set in 6v6 battles. You can probably get it to work if you're skilled enough (or if your opponents are extremely nooby), but there are better ways if your goal is to win as often as possible. These are the two options you should be trying instead.

Gengar: Upon mega evolving, Gengar gains shadow tag. This makes Gengar an extremely reliable revenge-killer, as you can use it to selectively target opponents and, once on the battlefield, the opponent can't escape. Its amazing stats and movepool that includes sludge wave, taunt, and destiny bond gives it a wide range of threats that it can trap and eliminate.

Blacephalon: Blacephalon's STAB attacks will cover just about everything. Because of its stats, it can outspeed and one-shot many common Pokemon, which lets it sweep or force switches. If used with a choice item (which you should use it with), then you can trick your choice item onto any particularly annoying walls that the opponent has.

Most of my friends are fairly nooby to be honest, but I have 3 teams already stored in my Battle Box in USUM but we have a rule where we can't use the same Pokemon in more than one team. Since I already have Gengar in Team One, I am not allowed to use Gemgar in Team 4 as well. So Mismagius has the next best stats.
No, the Pokemon with the next best stats is Blacephalon. After that is Chandelure. If you don't really need a special attacker, then there's also mega Banette. There are so many things that are better than Mismagius. Of course, you certainly can use Mismagius if you wanted to, and it probably will work, but that's not what the question was asking. The question asked if Mismagius was "viable", which means that you're also asking if there is a good reason to use Mismagius instead of any of the other 806 Pokemon. There is not, so I answered no.
Sorry to Gengar fans, but the COOLEST DESIGN OF A GHOST TYPE POKEMON EVER!!! It's literally a floating witch. A FLOATING WITCH GUYS!!!
This still doesn't make Mismagius viable.