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Move: Bite
Gategory: Physical
Gyarados's Attack: 125
Move's Attack: 60
Mismagius's Defense: 60
Super effective: x 2
125+60 x 2-60
Will the damage be 185?

What about Gyardos's attack stat?
Primal Groudon, as I see it, all that has happened is somebody asked you a question, and instead of responding to it, you've put up a brick wall and refused any sort of discussion of it. Responses like "sigh" and the all-caps don't help to resolve the issue, they just perpetuate this dispute. I'm not sure why you're getting mad people are asking you the same question, when you've actively refused them any sort of response. It was shown to you why the information was needed, I don't see why you don't post it and let it be explained how it answers your question.
(If it wasn't made clear enough, the damage formula in the game uses the Pokemon's Attack stat to determine the amount of damage dealt, not the species' base stat. This is why you are being asked for your Gyarados' Attack stat. The base stat is not the correct information to find answer you have requested. If that does not make sense to you, supply the Attack stat anyway and it can be shown to you as part of the answer.)
I'm taking down this comment chain up to the point it became problematic. Please do not restart this, thanks.
Let me explain this. I want to use the base stats for the question. They don't want me to use what I want for my question and repeatedly asking me to tell them My pokemon's nature and attack stats and Lusamine's pokemon stats and I tell them to stop, they keep going. Seriously what was I supposed to do?
What makes you think it's possible to answer this question without knowing the Gyarados's physical attack stat?
sumwun Has a point.

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No, that is not how damage is calculated.

First of all lets calculate this one by one.

  • (2 x Level) / 5 + 2
    (2 x 47) / 5 + 2
    94 / 5 + 2
    18.8 + 2

  • The power of bite is 60 so it's power in the equation

  • A / D
    A is Attack Stat / D is Defense Stat
    125 / 60

  • After this multiply the results
    20.8 x 60 x 2.08
    2, 595.84

  • Then divide by 50
    2, 595.84 / 50
  • Then multiply by 2 since it is super effective
    51.9168 x 2

The answer from this is 103 since it is rounded down.

However, another variable in the modifier is random, multiplying this from 0.85 to 1.
Lowest possible damage is 87.55
Highest possible damage is 103

For more variables for the modifier other than type, it's here:

  • Targets is 0.75 if the move has more than one target, and 1 otherwise.
  • Weather is 1.5 if a Water-type move is being used during rain or a Fire-type move during harsh sunlight, and 0.5 if a Water-type move is used during harsh sunlight or a Fire-type move during rain, and 1 otherwise.
  • Badge is applied in Generation II only. It is 1.25 if the attacking Pokémon is controlled by the player and if the player has obtained the Badge corresponding to the used move's type, and 1 otherwise.
  • Critical is applied starting in Generation II. It is 2 for a critical hit in Generations II-V, 1.5 for a critical hit from Generation VI onward, and 1 otherwise.
  • random is a random factor between 0.85 and 1.00 (inclusive):
  • From Generation III onward, it is a random integer percentage between 0.85 and 1.00 (inclusive)
    In Generations I and II, it is realized as a multiplication by a random uniformly distributed integer between 217 and 255 (inclusive), followed by an integer division by 255
  • STAB is the same-type attack bonus. This is equal to 1.5 if the move's type matches any of the user's types, 2 if the user of the move additionally has Adaptability, and 1 if otherwise.
  • Type is the type effectiveness (as detailed below). This can be 0 (ineffective); 0.25, 0.5 (not very effective); 1 (normally effective); 2 or 4 (super effective) depending on both the move's and target's types.
  • Burn is 0.5 (from Generation III onward) if the attacker is burned, its Ability is not Guts, and the used move is a physical move (other than Facade from Generation VI onward), and 1 otherwise.
  • other is 1 in most cases, and a different multiplier when specific interactions of moves, Abilities or items take effect

Hope I helped :)

Source for the picture: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Damage

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First, there's also a randomizer, so it could deal any amount of damage between 17/20 times and 1 times the result of the formula. Second, an attack can only deal an integer amount of damage, and Pokemon always rounds down, so the damage is somewhere between 177 and 209. Third, I'm pretty sure the numbers 125 and 60 are the SPECIES stats, not the INDIVIDUAL stats. You can't come up with a definite answer unless you know the individuals' stats.
Yeah let me edit the answer for the randomizer and the rounding down, but I was already using the species stat as an example for the individual stat.
If you use the species base stats, then your answer might be misleading.
Fine, I'll wait for individual stats then edit the answer.
Uh... okay.

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