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It has no fangs.

it has a mouth
Lack of teeth doesn't prevent anything from biting.
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It’s because this question doesn’t make sense.
I don’t have fangs either and I can bite
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Game Freak logic. But my way of thinking is:

Squirtle is based off a turtle. One species of turtle is a snapping turtle. Snapping turtles bite hard. Squirtle might not be based off the snapping turtle specifically, but it's still a turtle.

Source: Common sense and turtle knowledge

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Squirtle has a bit of a beak, similar to a hawk billed turtle. These turtles bite down on animals like crustaceans, so they have a pretty strong bite. So I’m going to assume that’s why Squirtle can learn bite.

Source: previous knowledge.

Also some species of sea turtle eat sponges with their "beak", and the alligator turtle( I don't know if this is the right name) uses it's tongue to attract prey and... CHOMP!