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i have done with the suggestions. I found here on how to evolve Misdreavus..but it didn't evolve when i used a dusk stone in HG.

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Did you use it or GIVE IT. If you gave it then that is why it did not work. You must USE it on Misdreavus. If that does not work then there is only one explanation. Did you accidentally have it hold the Everstone? If so then that is why.

i really dont know why... i guess ill just have to start the game all over again
If you don't have the National Dex then that is another reason it didn't evolve.
If I give a pokemon an everstone and I take I take it off will it evolve? Or is it impossible to take an everstone off?
it is posable to take an everstone off
Evolutionary Stones even work when the Pokemon is holding an Everstone, tried in SS with a Sunkern
well that's wacky