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How do i calculate a pokemons level from the amount of exp it has?

Say we use the slow growth rate. At 1,250,000 exp a pokemon would be level 100. The formula for this is

EXP = (1.25 *(level ^3))

however how does the exp become its level? (i.e: reversing the equation so that it displays a pokemons level from its exp, rather than its exp from its level)

I currently have the below formula from just reversing the equation, however its not correct

LEVEL = floor(((exp ^(1/3)) /1.25))

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Shouldn't (level^(1/3)) be simply (level^-3)?  I think there are no fractional powers.

level^-3 = 1/level^3, just so you know.
^(1/3) is the cubic root to a computer. So 8^(1/3) would be 2.
OK. Sorry... I didn't recognize that because it's not in radical form.  I understand now that typing a radical is a little bit difficult.... sorry.

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There are actually multiple formulas, as there are different types of experience groups: Erratic, Fast, Medium Fast, Medium Slow, Slow, and Fluctuating. All the formulas assume n=# of experience points. Hopefully you guys know what piecewise functions are!


This is for pokemon like Zangoose, Rampardos, Huntail, and Milotic.


Pokemon like Clefairy and Chansey fall here.

Medium Fast

This is the most common group, with pokemon like Ferrothorn here.

Medium Slow

Pokemon like Shaymin and Mew are here.


Pokemon like Houndoom or Rayquaza go here.

If you want to see what numbers correspond to what level, go here.

Note that the stat formulas to gain experience vary between Gen I-IV and Gen V.

I understand how to calculate a pokemons xp from its level using them formulas.

I want to know how to calculate a pokemons level from the xp it has
And the last link gives the complete chart with it.