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Is the most complicated formula EVs? IVs? Shininess? Hopefully you know what I'm talking about :)

That depends on what type of complicated you want. Pretty much every major formula in the games are all the same type of complicated.
Like the hardest (most complicated) formula out there. Most confusing, Mind-Bogglin' formulas

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There is none.

There are two real ways that people tend to interpret math questions as 'complicated'.
1. It's really long and a person's mind immediately goes "HELL NAW I'M NOT DOING THIS'
2. They don't know how to do it. People tend to assume something is 'complicated' if they do not understand it - for example, if I gave you a a basic question around complex numbers (For the record this does not mean simply "complicated numbers". It refers to values like I which is an imaginary number denoting the value of √(-1)), people who don't understand would probably go "WTF IS DIS?" while people do will just be like "Lol dis is 2ez4me"

How complicated a question can be is easily determined from person to person.
A person who is good at maths can easily change what some may consider a 'complicated' question into a simple one by use of a theorem. Likewise, some people tend to associate the word 'complicated' with extremely long questions, that might just be basic addition or multiplication, while other are able to react immedietly and be able to see what kind of question it is, what knowledge it requires, and from that make their own judgement on the difficulty.

Lets take the damage calculation formula
enter image description here
"Dang mate what the hell is that?"
But if you just look at it, you can immedietly see that all it requires is knowledge of Multiplication and Addition (and BODMAS, some of you may know as PEMDAS or something. Varies country to country).

Now lets look at the Experience Gain Formula
enter image description here
But if you just take a quick look at Bulbapedia or something, and check what they mean, it becomes are pretty simple (possibly time consuming) equation. Sub in the values, you're good to go.

Anyway, Pokemon formulas consist of 4 things really - Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. Some of them look long and annoying, but in reality are about as difficult as that of a 4th grader math question.

There is no most complicated one. It may vary person to person, but they all utilise the same concepts.

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People say algebra is hard, I don't understand why people are against it so much tbh. If anything it's easy...
Basic Algebra, yes
Abstract Algebra. no. That stuff is just wierd.
Complicated is generally seen as 'difficult' but is actually about interconnecting parts (usually the more parts to something the more difficult it is) so actually the most complicated formula in the Pokemon games would merely be the one with the most functions - if you were to go by complicated's dictionary definition...

...this still deserves an up-vote though.
I'm going on how people normally interpret how complex a question is (from my own personal experiences and from others), not the dictionary definton. I could easily blow up 1+1 = ? to something ridiculously stupid, but anyone with basic knowledge of the method which I used (For example, I change 1 to (cosx)^2 + (sinx)^2) will consider it a fairly simple question nonetheless.
Fair enough, liking the trigonometry identities by the way.
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I guess IVs and EVs-

>The formulas for working out your stats are:

HP = ((2*Base + IV + EV/4 + 100) * Level) / 100 + 10
Stat = (((2*Base + IV + EV/4) * Level) / 100 + 5) * Nature

So to work out an IV or EV for a stat, it's a matter of simply reversing the calculation. If you're not good at algebra it can be a little difficult so here they are. For HP:

((HP - 10) * 100) / Level = 2*Base + IV + EV/4 + 100
IV = ((HP - 10) * 100) / Level - 2*Base - EV/4 - 100
EV = (((HP - 10) * 100) / Level - 2*Base - IV - 100) * 4

For the other stats:

((Stat/Nature - 5) * 100) / Level = 2*Base + IV + EV/4    
IV = ((Stat/Nature - 5) * 100) / Level - 2*Base - EV/4
EV = (((Stat/Nature - 5) * 100) / Level - 2*Base - IV) * 4

These formulas have been the same since Generation 3, and as far as I know haven't changed in X/Y. The Nature modifier is 1.1 for positive nature, 1 for neutral, 0.9 for negative nature.
Note: I'm using the normal mathematical "order of operations" to make the formulas clearer, multiplication/division comes first, so for example IV + 2Base + EV/4 + 100 is the same as IV + (2Base) + (EV/4) + 100.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/170806/what-is-the-formula-to-calculate-ivs-and-evs
(From PM's answer lol xD)

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