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Okay, so this is my first question, yay :3

I'm new to the whole Aggron - Metagross thing, so i'm not sure how to level or use them, but i'm trying :)
My Aggron has a Relaxed Nature (+Def, - Spd), so i suppose it's really good as a Tank/Sweeper [sorry, i'm still not overly familiar with those terms!]

I'm currently training it in the Gen V League, which is pretty strong. It's currently level 67 [yep, long way to go :P].

Here are it's stats in order of power :

Highest : Defence. At level 67, it's got 283 defence, woot. :P
Attack is 169. decent, but... meh. :/
Sp. Atk. and Sp. Def are Par at 110 each.
Speed is lowest at 83.

I've checked out a few movesets over the Database, but none of them really appealed to me :/
Here are it's moves currently :

=> Earthquake.
=> Thunderbolt [sucks, i know, but i got nothing else electric against water types :( ]
=> Aerial Ace against fighting.
=> Nothing so far o_O

I checked it out, and i can't teach Aggron ice punch [ :/ ] because i'm playing Gen V at the moment.
Aqua Tail is similarly disqaulified.
I am actually having a VERY difficult time finding a solution to this problem!

Also, the idea of training ANOTHER Aggron [non boosted exp., btw >.>] with Head Smash is daunting, to say the least. I thought about Iron Head and Heavy Smash [because Aggron is FAT o.o] but it didn't go down so well. i also tried out the Battle Subway, but i got pwned by Earth Power and the like. right now, I'm weakest against just about all special moves because of my negligible Sp. Def.

I have also NOT counted my EVs [Dammit!] so i'm really at a dead end right now.

Please leave suggestions and comments [replacement ideas, even :P], I would be really grateful :)
Thanks! ^^


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a good idea would be to rebreed aggron maybe not with a relaxed nature but with a nature that its atk stat will benifit from such as adamant
i would go with adamant because its def stat is great anyway and not many non fight or ground moves will be able to ko him
also you have a choice of 3 abilitys
rock head - great with head smash
sturdy - lets you suvive 4x moves
heavy metal - doubles weight therefor makes great use of heavy slam (dream world ability)
so i would rebreed a arron with rock head ev train it with some patrats and lilipups at low lvs then when higher lvs train in caves with boldores and gurduurs

to rate your movest theres not much to rate because effectivly you only have 2 moves because thunderbolt will do nothing with its terrible spatk
but i would have 252atk 252speed maybe
also adamant with choice band
rock head
head smash - great damage
equake - covers alot
superpower - covers
aqua tail - ground coverage
thats what i would do because head smash and choice band and rock head = masiive damage
you can always run a defsive set or a phazer set with stealth rock dragon tail
you could also run substiyute and focus punch

theres one problem with aggron though ground and fight 4x weekness but not onlyt that but they are very common in the meta game

The problem there is Aqua Tail. to get an Aqua Tail Aggron, i have to use the Move Tutor from Gen IV, which i don't have. :/
Nature-wise, i can't go Adamant becuase that also cuts down Sp. Attack.
HOWEVER, i can go Brave (+Atk, -Spd), Quiet (+Sp.Atk, - Spd) - this one allows me to use ice beam and surf - or one of the neutral ones (docile, hardy, serious, bashful, quirky) to balance it out.
Any better ideas?
dont use thunderbolt it is terrible on aggron with its base 50spatk compared to its powerfull 110 atk
so adamant wouyld be best i know that thunderbolt is coverage from water but you may just have to stay put