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I've been building some teams now for online play and have hardly any walls and on top of that few 5th gen pokemon in the teams. Can someone please suggest good walls?


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I would use Ferrothorn.

Item: Iron Barbs
EV's- 252 Def. 252. Sp.Def 4 HP

toxic:defensive pokemon works great with this

gyro ball:very powerful against fast pokemon and STAB

leech seed:more damage to poisoned pokemon and heals yourself

power whip:devestating and STAB

Replace Power Whip with Ingrain or Curse. If Curse, use a PP Max on Gyro Ball.
Thanks a lot, will do!  :D
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Scrafty can be a great mixed wall and a decent sweeper because of it's good attack power and is even better with Moxie.

Scrafty type-fighting/dark item: dark glasses/expert belt
Ev's in Def. Sp.Def and speed
brick break/drain punch-both STAB, one destroys reflect/light screen, other for health regen
Crunch-stab, goodbye psychics and lowered defense as bonus.
Dragon claw-Dragons dominate the online play so this is a good move to have.
Your choice. A status move like Dragon dance works well. You could also take a move that offers coverage on flying.
Shed Skin let's you shake off status effects while Moxie raises your attack after you beat the crap out of that Gothitelle that bugs you so much.

Hope this helps :D

Thanks! I am currently ev training a scraggy/scrafty but funnily enough im not using it as a wall.  It has perfect speed and attack ivs, so im using it as a physical sweeper.  But i might consider getting another one for a wall.  thanks for the help :D
Your welcome. :)