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About Pokemon Black how do you Migrate the 4th Generation Pokemon to the 5th?

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I've been Convinced that you can't Trade the 4th Gen. PKMN to the 5th, and the only way how to get them is by Migrating them.

So now I have a new Question How can you even Migrate the 4th Gen. PKMN to the 5th Gen., I know that they are both Ds games but how can you Migrate a Ds game to Another?
(You can send a Website to show how to Migrate the 4th Gen. to the 5th Gen. but it has to be 100%/Explain how to do the Migration Step by Step.)

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This also Includes Videomade but has to be 100% Complete(also Includes the Minigame).

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Thanks this is the kind of Info. I was looking for, now I'm looking for a wepsite that Shows how it is really done.

no custom Please, this is the last thing I need to know/see I don't care if it is Spoiler I just want to see how it is Done.
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