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I have Emerald version with some good pokemon and want to move them up to my diamond version but have no clue how. Can anyone help?

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First make sure the pokemon you want to migrate are in PC boxes in emerald. You cannot migrate pokemon with HMs so visit the Move Deleter to delete those moves if the pokemon know them.

Put the game in the GBA slot of your DS. Then in Diamond you need to beat the Elite Four and gain the National Dex.
Go to the end of Route 221 (south of Sandgem Town) to open up the Pal Park.

Save and restart, choose "Migrate from Emerald" in the first menu. You then choose the 6 pokemon you want to migrate.

Then in Diamond, go into Pal Park and do a "catching show". Make sure you take a pokemon that knows Surf, because some pokemon you will only get on the water.

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On the screen that says continue and new game, if you scroll down while you have both games in the Ds, you will see "migrate from emerald", click that and choose 6 pokemon from your PC to migrate from Emerald. Then go to Pal Park and you can go inside it and try to find and catch you old pokemon. When you battle with them, it will be like they have been traded and will gain "boosted exp."

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i belive that you woud insert both games in the ds then play emerald when on the main menu press migrate than wait i day and play diamond and go to pal park