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I recently got emerald (yay) so I'm migrating Pokemon to heartgold but I wanted to know if this counts as trade (Ej: machoke, graveler) haven't caught one yet and I was wondering

Ayyy lmao My first question in ages \(o3o)/
By utizilizing a function called Pal Park the migration is completely free of trades.
But what the hay, it seems the same as trade

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Source: Experience.

Daaaaaammit I cri
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Migration doesnt work like that as you could imagine if we traded via wifi instead its sent to what we could nickname phrase a black area and then when its sent to your desired console it picks up no console address from where it was sent.. Im not explaining this very well but if it doesnt pick up aa game from where its sent from and to then it wont evolve, same goes to items being sent but thats Ctually to do with cheating and having early access to late game items so on.

Its like sending a pokemon from x/y to omeg/sapphire from poke bank it wont evolve but it will send.. That explains it a bit more hopefully, lol