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Black/white migration?

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Well I heard a lot of stories of migrating, but why migrate from HG/SS instead of just trading?
And does it matter if celebi is traded or migrated from HG/SS to meet zorua?
And, how do you get Victini and for how long can you get him?

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Ok there is alot here.
1: you cant trade with heartgold and souldsilver unfortunately. you must migrate.
2:for celebi you do not want to migrate it actually. you want to use a process called the Relocator. check it out at:
3: you get victini via a wifi event to get a liberty pass which you can use to take you to an island to catch victini. the event starts: March 6th and ends: April 10th.

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To bad you can't trade HG with B/W...
But thanks.