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I'm still not sure if i want to get Black/White, there a few things i keep wondering about.
Like how do you get the older generation pokemon on Black/White?
(Because my wifi router isn't compatible with my DS so i can't go to the dream world)


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Alrighty; here is a list of games that you will only be able to migrate from:
- Pokemon Soul Silver
- Pokemon Heart Gold
- Pokemon Diamond
- Pokemon Pearl
- Pokemon Platinum
- Pokemon Emerald
- Pokemon Sapphire

- Pokemon Ruby
- Pokemon Fire Red

- Pokemon Leaf Green*

The games Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond are all Generation IV games.
To migrate directly from any Generation IV game, you will need:
- Two Nintendo DS/DS lite/DSi/DSi XL/3DS*'s. (Thank you UltimateShyGuy for confirming this!)
- One Pokemon Black/White (must of beaten the Eite Four)
- One Generation IV game
- Insert the Generation IV game into one of the two DS, and the same with your Black/White to the other DS.

  1. Turn the power of both of them on.
  2. Go to DS Download with the DS with the Generation IV game inside.
  3. Load the game normally with the DS with the Black/White inside.
  4. Afterwards, fly to Black City/White Forest, and head towards the left.
  5. Make your way to the "Poke-Transfer Lab" where you will be able to begin migrating.
  6. Talk to the person up the stairs, where you will be prompted to save your game, and to begin the mini-game.
  7. Now, with the second DS, download the Black/White software that pops up.
  8. After the download is complete, you will be asked to select six Pokemon to be migrated; afterwards complete the mini-game! You must use a slingshot to capture the six Pokemon you selected that are hopping around the bush.
  9. After you finish, you will be asked if you want to migrate again, and that is all!

The games Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red, and Leaf Green are all Generation III games.
To migrate from a Generation III game, you will have to migrate from Gen. III to Gen. IV. It is the only way. You will need:
- A Nintendo DS(fat)/DS lite. *[No other DS will work]
- A Generation III game
- A Generation IV game (must of defeated the Elite Four)

  1. First, insert both games into each slot accordingly.
  2. Turn on your Nintendo DS.
  3. Load the Generation IV game.
  4. When you are at the title screen being displayed your options, select the option "Migrate from _____"
  5. When you select it, you will be displayed your PC boxes of your Generation III game.
  6. Select six Pokemon that you would like to migrate.* (ANY of these six Pokemon cannot be allowed to have currently learned any HM move.)
  7. Once you are done, you will be prompted a message warning you that you will not be able to return those Pokemon back to the original game pack.
  8. When you accept, the system will save both games at the same time (to prevent duplicating Pokemon; give it some time.)
  9. Once this is finished, load the Generation IV game.
  10. Fly to Pal Park, and speak to the man, where you will have to run around in some grass to re-capture the Pokemon you migrated with Park Balls (they have a 100% capture rate).
  11. Then, you are finished! Now if you want these Pokemon to your Black/White game, follow the steps above.

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