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All of my pokemon mainly focus on attack. But I also care about defense and special defense.
Here is my team:
Samurott Lv.81
Volcarona Lv.80
Kyurem Lv.80
Hydreigon Lv.79
Zekrom Lv.79
Cobalion Lv.79

Please tell me if some have low defence or special defense.
And I have no idea why hydreigon was put to the right.

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I don`t care about defence

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Cofragrigus , Scafty and Ferrothorn if you want both defence and sp.defence !!
Your team :
Samurott : Bad defences .
Volcarona : Good sp.defence , but bad defence (Can be OHKO'd by rock slide )
Legendaries and Hydreigon acceptable defences , i.e. good .

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Thx trachy my cofagrigus is now pwning everyone!;)
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Another good wall(or do you only mean def. or are you planning on making a wall or a tank or maybe even a high defense sweeper) would be reinclus or if you have black gothielle

Gothitelle is a better choice for defences, my reuniclus took only 2 water pulses and it died.......