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Everytime I get near Latias in the Kanto Region it runs away! I really want to add Latias to my next team! HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED !


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Use a Smeargle with Mean Look (or another trapping move) and make sure it's about level 49, then have it use a Spore (or another sleep move or freezing move) then start throwing waves and waves and WAVES of ultra balls. When it wakes up/defrost's then use the same move and keep throwing ultra balls, when you run out, throw out waves and waves of POKE BALLS!

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Though there is already an answer it may be hard to get and to get them moves
So a great Pokemon is crobat it is very quik and can learn the move meen look so it can't escape
Also Pokemon like wobbufet and dug trio with the ability arena trap and shadow tag prevents the foe from escaping
You could also get your highest lv Pokemon with the move False swipe leaving the foe on 1 hp
So this makes it Easyer to catch after it has ran away
When you next see it use a quik ball that will increase your chances a lot
Also you could use moves like hypnosis but they are not reliable

I'm not sure if there's any way to increase the chance of it running away before you battle but I find that when you walk rather than cycling or running
I guess that meens they don't get scared as easly I'm not sure that works but it does for me
Also there are abilitys that make certain Pokemon or all Pokemon Easyer to run into