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I like fast, hard hitting pokemon with good movesets.

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If you're talking about the event in HG/SS, then you can't choose which one you get. HeartGold gets Latios, SoulSilver gets Latias.

Latios is slightly better with the attack so that's probably the one to go for. But the difference isn't much.

Latias has more Special Defense, though...
So? Latios is better. He is more offensively threatening thanks to higher attack. Latias’ special defense is good but the Pokémon are better offensively than defensively.
Latios is better than Latias, but Defensive is better than offensive. Make a full Offensive team without no defensive coverage (Example: Scizor with Heatran, Latios with Magnezone) and lose.
Good Defense is the best offense
Ok I know. But Latios and Latias’ movesets are more offensive.
Helix716, Offense is actually better for one reason, mostly in Pokémon:
If both Pokémon are too defensive, then hitting will just be really low damage, resulting in getting only Struggle, rather quickly. Then, after four turns, you instantly lose, because of recoil.
Offense, though defense still has important parts to it.
Also, it's "Good Offense is the best defense", not the opposite.
That's not always true. A defensive pokemon, for example, Chansey with Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss, Toxic, and Soft Boiled, would win. Even against a lot of special attackers. "A good Defensive is the best offense" and vice versa are both referenced various places; as both are valid.
I respect your opinion, but,
Latios+Latias Moveset are more offensive!? No sorry, i
think they have a defensive movepool.

Calm mind, defog, roost, healing wish, reflect, light screen, magic coat, recover, refresh, roar, tailwind, toxic, thunder wave, wish, heal pulse, helping hand.

Offensive: Dragon Dance (Special Attacker with DD :P) and Clam mind?
Wanna hear more? :P
Pokemon like Hydreigon, Volcarona have a offensive movepool, not Latios  (I think)

Latias, Gliscor and Scizor are already in OU by usage. (Need a bit more). Also, mega Latias is better than Mega Latios because it has a better defensive stats so it can use calm mind more, and doesn't waste stats on Atk like latios-mega
You are just chanting a bunch of status moves. Heal Pulse and Helping Hand are useless in Singles and some of the other status you mentioned is outclassed by their offensive movepool.

“Offensive: Dragon Dance (Special Attacker with DD :P) and Calm Mind?”
What? First, noone uses D-Dance on Latios. As for special attacking prowess, Latios has Draco Meteor, which hits very hard, paired with Psychic, Psyshock, Ice Beam, and Earthquake. Mixed Mega Latios is very scary in OU; Earthquake OHKOs Heatran. :P.

My point about Latios and Latios having offensive movepools is weak, I’ll admit it, but Latios is still better than Latias (megas too). You said that Mega Latios wastes attack stat. No, it’s not a waste if it turns Mega Latios into a scary mixed sweeper. Calm Mind isn’t the only option, at least not for Latios. Better offensive stats make Latios superior.
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Latios has higher offenses than latias, but only by a few points each. Choose latios if you want that extra bit of power: plus his moves are more attack oriented.

Latias-Tons of helping moves like refresh, safeguard, helping hand, and healing wish. (granted, latios can still learn these as well.)

Latios-Power based attacks like dragon dance, and dragon pulse,

Their movesets are pretty similar though.