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Heal block is a move which stops the opponent from using moves like Moonlight, Recover, Softboiled. Wish etc. as well as the secondary effects of moves like Leech Horn and items like Leftovers - so it negates anything which heals the Pokemon who has been affected by Heal Block.
This move sees little competitive use, as very little movesets have the space to accomadate a move like that, and ingame you basically just need to bash your way through - so no it is not worth it for Latios or Latias. Especially Latios/Latias since they have such other good moves at their disposal.

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Thanks pal! Maybe i should use to my other pokemons...
No. Heal Block is not a good move for any Pokemon.
Of Course It's Good. cuz' it can block your opponent from healing. that was great isn't?
embargo could be better
The number of Pokemon with healing moves available to them are limited. Plus, you can just switch out of Heal Block. All of the Pokemon who get it cannot spare the moveslot. Reuniculus, Gothitelle, Beheeyem, these Pokemon would much rather have coverage or stat boosters. Or their own form of recovery. Solrock, Lunatone, Bronzong, Claydol, these guys need the spots for their Rocks and their Trick Rooms, then fill it up with attacking options in order to not be Taunt bait. Celebi has a huge number of more useful moves available to it. Shedinja can't waste time using a move that won't let it hit well with priority. Heal Block will likely never come in handy. The other moves these Pokemon can learn and should use are required for their success.
Embargo also sucks.

You can just taunt and some Pokemon become completely useless
I have Whimsicott in mind.
Fake out, taunt,finished. In double battles anyways