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i have lv 50 eelektross.with nature modest and sp.att stat 158
i want to ev train him and then i'm check serebii to see how much stat eelektross lack in sp.att and it say in lv 50 with beneficial nature, sp.att eelektross can reach 172 it means my eeelektros still lack 14 points in that stat. yes?
so i ev train him with power lens and pokerus in village bridge to get 2 sp.att ev from golduck and mandibuzz.
so with math 2 ev from each pokemon plus power lens it become 6 ev and with pokerus it become 12. right? so i KO 4 golduck/mandibuzz to get 48 ev and then without power lens i KO 2 more to get 4 evfor total 14 point * 4 =56 ev (48 and 4 ev) from what i lack in my stat.
but when i do all that and get my eelektros lvl up to lvl 51, he only get 3 point in sp.att!?!?!?!
is there something wrong with my math? how much point did you get from lvling up?what another mistakes i'm doing?
please help

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maybe you have put too many ev's on other stats.to recover them,use items that reduce those,if it says the stat cannot be lowered then its on its lowest,most of the items are berries so search it on serebii to find out which you need,hope this helps

no, i don't think so,
bcoz i get  lvl 27 tynamo and had been SpAtk ev train him onward,,
so i'm sure he is not get another ev except SpAtk EV,
thanks anyway
your welcome
don't you have another answer?