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Which is the most effective for this moveset?
-Ice shard
-Stealth rock
For choice band, I can just summon Mamo for a lead,use stealth rock and then switch back as you dont want to be locked into a status move but dont know if thats a good idea..
For expert belt, I think hes got moves that are super effective to 12 types but dont know if stealth rock with expert belt is a good idea
For life orb I can use stealth rock freely and free boost but has recoil and my mamoswines a bit bulky-I invested some evs into HP to make him survive longer in order to sweep more so I dont know if thats a good idea
PS:No focus sash for lead please, I want him to sweep more even with stealth rock in the moveset because no one in my team can use an entry hazard move.

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If you want him to set up rocks then Choice-band is a bad idea. On a set like that I would go Life-orb. If you want to use Choice band then you must switch Stealth rock for Stone edge. But if you want Stealth-rock, Life-orb is probably your best option as it can make you hit hard even without having Super effective coverage over a Pokemon.

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expert belt.. ice shard only have 40 power. even if it is super effective, it will not enough to make some strong foe fainted. but with expert belt your mamoswine will do a greater damage to the foe if it is super effective.

You really underestimate Mamoswines Attack. Besides Life orb boosts ALL attacks by 30%, expert belt only increase super effective moves by 20%.