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Ok so it kinda just does this.

  1. HP goes down, uses rest.
  2. HP goes down, uses double edge, kills itself.

I can never seem to catch it, because it kills itself. No matter what i do, this dumb pokemon thinks it is ok to kill itself. I just have no idea what to do now. Any decent suggestions?


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Okay then.

I caught my Kyogre in Emerald using the Rayquaza that I caught before hand. It has decent bulk, and can take Kyogre's hits. Air Lock will be able to cancel out Drizzle, allowing Rayquaza to better take Water Spout. Save beforehand. Whenever Kyogre knocks itself out, just soft reset.
Bring 30+ Ultra Balls.
- For the first few turns, just stall. Use moves with low power, enough to get Kyogre at 1/4 health. Double Edge probably won't do much to kill Kyogre. Start chucking the Ultra Balls.
When it uses Rest, (this worked for me) chuck Ultra Balls at it. For me, the ball shook more when Kyogre was asleep.
- Another way to make the catching of Kyogre easier is to use Sand Attack/Double Team. This will cause Kyogre to miss a ton, so you can land more hits. Taunt takes care of Rest. I used Skarmory to do this, but there are other Pokemon.
- Ghost types can easily take care of Double Edge.

Hope this helps in catching.

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since double edge is normal it wont effect ghost type so have a dusclops (or others ghost) for rest use taunt.

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Using a Raquaza is a good idea. I opened with a Fearow that had Flash, Double Team, Taunt and Sand Attack. I used Flash and Sand Attack the most, to completely minimise it's accuracy. Then, after Fearow got KO'ed, i switched to Sceptile. I know it seems strange, but every time I've caught Kyogre, Sceptile has always helped me. :)

Sheer cold won't even be able to hit because of Flash and Sand Attack, Hydro Pump isn't very effective (it will probably miss, too).

I gave my Sceptile this moveset specifically to catch Kyogre :

=>Giga Drain (to take more hits)
=>Leaf Blade (it has good damage and PP)
=>Earthquake and
=>False Swipe.

Give it either the Big Root or the Focus Sash. I tried with both, they're equally effective.

Use Leaf Blade to weaken it, and keep replenishing hits with Giga Drain. When it rests, use one or two Leaf Blades to get it low enough, and keep false swiping it. Now you have two options :

-> Switch to Raquaza (to prevent double edge from killing itself) and use a mixture of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls (in EVERY game I've played so far, I've always caught all of the three in Timer balls) to catch it.

-> Stay with Sceptile till it dies, revive Fearow and taunt Kyogre. Then continue with sand attack / flash. Use Timers and Ultras all the way through. :)

I hope this helped. ^^