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In Platinum there is a man in Hearthome named Mr. Goods He offers to give you something rare, then he says later. When is later?

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Mr. Goods rewards a trainer with a colored trophy for achieving first place in the Master Rank of any Super Contest.

Contest - Reward

Beauty Master Rank - Beauty Cup
Cool Master Rank - Cool Cup
Smart Master Rank - Clever Cup
Tough Master Rank - Tough Cup
Cute Master Rank - Cute Cup

When certain milestones are reached in the Underground, Mr. Goods will give a trainer a colored crystal.

Achievement - Reward

Meet 100 players in the Underground - Blue Crystal
Give 100 items to other players in the Underground -Pink Crystal
Dig up 100 fossils in the Underground - Red Crystal
Trap 100 people in the Underground - Yellow Crystal

Tower Trophies

After achieving a certain number of winning streaks in the Battle Tower, Mr. Goods will reward the player with another group of trophies.

Achievement - Reward

Winning streak of 10 at the Battle Tower - Bronze Trophy
Winning streak of 50 at the Battle Tower - Silver Trophy
Winning streak of 100 at the Battle Tower - Gold Trophy


Mr. Goods will also reward a trainer for other miscellaneous achievements.

Achievement - Reward

Beat all 8 Gym Leaders - Gym Statue
Enable Wi-Fi Connection and access the Global Trade Station - Revolving Globe

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