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So I just found out the Mewtwo was for Black and White only, I want to know if there is currently an event for Platinum or if there will be one in the future.


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No there will be no events for Platinum. Platinum is an old Pokemon game (I actually still play it!), and events are only for new games... But don't worry, I have an Event Creater so contact me when you need an event! And this Pokemon website www.pokegts.us can give you any Pokemon knowing any move, holding any item and having any ability! But you need Wi-Fi to get Pokemon from this website! If you do, click on "Select a catagory" then click on "All Pokemon". Click on "Select a SubCatagory" then click on the Generation the Pokemon you want is from...

  • Generation I = Kanto
  • Generation II = Johto
  • Generation III = Hoenn
  • Generation IV = Sinnoh
  • Generation V = Unova

When selected, choose the Pokemon, moves and ability you want. When finished, type down this DNS Server Code into your Wi-Fi settings. Then go to the GTS and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. When connected, wait a while for a Poke Ball to fall from the sky... If it does, wait for it to land and then check if it is the Pokemon you wanted! That is how I got a Palkia knowing Hydro Cannon!

Hope this helps!

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This really works I have used it once (to get celebi)
Hydro-cannon on Palkia XD Why? Hydro-cannon and the other elemental hyper-beams stink.